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As part of my time at Deviceful, I pushed the branding creativity to a new level and redesigned the website. We incorporated illustrations for a more human approach and curved shapes to modernise the feel.

A phone with tiles of brands including AA, and Sky.
Laptop with a screenshot of the deviceful landing page.
A tablet showing a screenshot of a scrolled down version of the deviceful landing page.

Option 1:

I designed a storyboard with two options for Lexus. Option 1 had interactive swiping elements to increase engagement but we also offered a simpler second option (below).

Option 2: (Selected)

The headliner and body text slide into view, followed by the cars slowly zooming in to keep attention on the product and the CTA.

Brief: The challenge was to encourage Clays' customers to celebrate their birthday at Clays Bar.

Delivery: Crafted a captivating birthday reward email campaign to resonate with the audience and inspire them to choose Clays.


Email 3__2x.png



Email 1__2x.png
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