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Brief: The challenge was to encourage B2B customers to register to Samsung One incorporating the Data Select branding through emails.

Delivery: I achieved this by incorporating vibrant hover elements and illustrations that seamlessly matched both clients' branding. This not only enhanced the visual appeal but also contributed to a more engaging user experience.

Asset 1-16.png
Asset 1-16.png

Brief: I was tasked with creating an eGuide featuring cobranding elements of HPE Aruba and Westcoast.


Delivery: The result was a successful 6-page eGuide that exudes vibrancy and playfulness. I used graphical cloud elements and professional images to pique interest and deliver valuable content. This design effectively captured the essence of the brands and the guide's content.

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Brief: My objective was to create a comprehensive brand book for Giacom, refreshing their branding from "DWS" and including supporting ads and product sheets.


Delivery: To meet the client's goals of embracing white space with pops of color, I meticulously crafted a brand book that not only revitalised Giacom's image but also redesigned over 10 product sheets. The result was a cohesive and visually appealing brand identity that resonated with the target audience.


In collaboration with Midjourney's artificial intelligence, I harnessed creativity to produce unique visuals that transformed the office space. By incorporating AI-driven elements, I crafted a visually stimulating environment that sparked inspiration and innovation.


These certification badges were thoughtfully designed to celebrate achievements and support ongoing learning. Their visual appeal serves as a motivating factor for colleagues striving for excellence. These badges played a key role in recognising and encouraging professional development within the organisation.

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Blue badge with illustration of hand and heart
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